Quotes Maaco painted my 2002 Saturn coupe and said they could also polish my headlights to look new. They told me they only did half of one headlight and gave up because they said they were too bad and beyond repair. They didn't charge me for my headlights. Headlight Facelift was able to return my old headlights to clean again in about 2 hours. I would recommend them to anyone and they really made my headlights look new! Quotes
Saturn Headlights

Quotes I'm not even kidding...incredible! I was in an accident on the left side of the front of my car. The insurance company covered the replacement of my smashed left headlight but the 6 year old right one then looked so horrible compared to my new headlight. Headlight Facelift made my 6 year old light look exactly like my new headlight... it's unreal, I have asked people to tell me which one is the new one and which one is the 6 year old one, and they really can't tell.. thank u so much Headlight Facelift!!! Quotes

Quotes I am really happy about my new headlights. I can see so much better at night, I have noticed that I have more focused light beams with less light scatter and can see things in front of me so much better! Not just objects but street signs as well! These guys are so good and true professionals! Quotes
Bright Lights!

Quotes Headlight Facelift did a fantastic job on my Audi A4. I tried a self kit first and basically wasted $20 and a lot of work and time on my part. They fixed what I did and made them look brand new, I couldn't be happier with their work! Quotes
Financial Advisor

Quotes Steve did an outstanding job on my headlights. I am more than happy with the results, I'm thrilled! They are bright, clear and perfect! Thank you! Quotes

Quotes I was completely satisfied with the work that Steve did on my car, OMG it came out looking brand new and he took his time and paid very close attention to detail. For those customers that may be a little skeptical with these guys service, let me just reassure you that you will not be disappointed. In fact I would advise you to hurry up and get this service done immediately because sooner or later these guys are going to realize that the work they're doing is worth way more than they're charging. Again thanks a lot guys and I would fully recommend your services to all my friends. Bob D. Quotes
PRESIDENT bobscleaningservice

Quotes When Steve Behmke says they will look like new, he means they will "LOOK NEW". I tried 2 different off the shelf products to do this myself with very disappointing results. Never again, wasted my time and money; I spent almost as much as I did having Steve do a professional job. My other car needs the same work and I'm calling Steve again. Save yourself time, money and frustration, call Steve. Quotes
Herb Weiss
Steve put the WOW factor back in my CLK headlights!

Quotes My car is only a little over 2 years old and my headlights were already hazy. They weren't really bad, but enough to bug me because I am a little obsessive and a perfectionist. My car looks new and perfect and I wanted my headlights to match that so I had Steve do his service on them and I am very happy to have brand new perfect looking headlights again. I recommend this 100%. Quotes
2 year old nissan

Quotes My car wasn't old eventhough my headlights looked really old, now they look new! A local brake shop did work on them a while back and it was basically like I just threw my money away because they did a horrible job. They looked the same to me. These guys have a professional operation going on, i was really impressed! Quotes

Quotes I have a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid, never been in an accident. My car was looking good after I waxed it. Only one problem, FOGGY HEADLIGHTS !!!. Went to the dealer and they wanted $300 a headlight and suggested I look in a junk yard. Then I found out about Dr. Steve, the headlight guy. He came to my house on time and did both headlights. The car looks brand NEW again !!! I could not believe my EYES !!! I can see AGAIN !!!! Quotes
More than Satisfied !!!
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