Quotes i can read road signs at night from far away again!! haha...thank u! Quotes

Quotes Today I had the restoration on my 2000 Dodge Stratus and it looks like new. Really! I am really pleased and will pass on that info to anyone I see who has that clouded look. It is better than I thought it would be as well! Quotes
Barbara Fields

Quotes I now have to drive to Tampa and over two bridges on a weekly basis. In the evening the visibility became more and more daunting and the commute became more and more scary and treacherous than I was expecting. A friend suggested that it would be a good idea to restore the clarity of my headlights and told me about Headlight Facelift. Having had my headlights restored has made a considerable difference. I now am driving safely to and from the city, which is a relief. I would recommend Headlight Facelift restoration to anyone. Quotes

Quotes He came to my house and restored my headlights, removed all that haze that's been caked on over the years. Awesome service. He was responsive, flexible, professional and thorough. Highly recommended. Quotes
Jeff B.

Quotes Headlight Facelift restored my headlights from yellow and gross to clear and bright. Steve was on time and came to me. That made it nice and convenient. He was also very reasonably priced and I will be recommending him to all my friends. A job well done! Quotes
Happy Camper

Quotes Steve is professional, knowledgeable and provides prompt service. My lexus headlights became like new and I think it's better than the sample pictures. I highly recommend his service. Quotes

Quotes HeadlightFacelift saved the day. After unsuccessfully trying multiple auto-parts store products to remove the fog/haziness from the headlights on my wife's car, I was given orders to buy replacement headlights. I discovered that they were $500 EACH and thought that there has to be a better way. I found HeadlightFacelift online, called them and although they were very professional and worked with my tricky schedule, I had low expectations (since I had tried myself). When they finished, I couldn't believe my eyes. That same night I showed my wife her car and she noticed immediately and asked how much the new headlights were :) Quotes
Bob R.

Quotes I was on vacation in Orlando and found out about Headlight Facelift. I decided to get the service because I was considering buying new headlights because mine were so bad. The technician worked on my car in the hotel parking lot and wow! I can't believe how good they look now. I highly recommend! If any of my friends or family visit Orlando, FL in the future I'll be sure to tell them about you guys! :-) Quotes
Rob Siegel
Marlton, New Jersey

Quotes Steve did an excellent job on the headlights of my 7 year old Chrysler. He is reliable and takes pride in his work and I recommend him to others! Quotes

Quotes They catered to me by coming to my job while I was working so I didn't have to set time aside. I'm telling you, my Nissan looks like it did when I first bought it in 2008! Quotes